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Kinoko Cycles Calendar


Kinoko Cycles Calendar

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Kinoko Cycles Calendar 2014. Featuring beautiful photographs of some of our favourite bikes that came and went through the doors of our London store during 2013. From full custom Cherubim tourers to stock model Surly CX bikes, there's something to tickle everyone's fancy, all shot beautifully by master bicycle photographer and location scout Bobby Whittaker.

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Situated in the center of Soho, Kinoko Cycles is the product of everything we love about cycling. Displaying some of the finest custom bikes in existence alongside some of the fastest performance road bikes lets us provide people with exactly what they want, from a bike for life to race-day best. From our fitting rooms to our stock of casual and professional cycling clothing, Kinoko Cycles lets us support the best of cycling across the board, from commuters to pros, from the cleats to the helmet.

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