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Kinoko Cycles

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New Range of Kinoko Tees

  We've just received a drop of some new tees to add to the Kinoko range. We worked with some old friends on these tees taking inspiration from patches & French cartoonists. More to come from Kinoko. Available ...

Japanese Steel: A New Beginning

This article was originally written for the Kinoko Journal. This version includes photos we didn't include in the journal. During my last trip to Japan I was invited by Shin Ichi Konno of Cherubim Cycles to visit the ...

Levis The Ride New Commuter Video Series

  Levis has released a series of excellently shot short films with some famous figures in the US and UK discussing their experiences with cycling in the city. Well worth a watch. ...

Show Us Your Stuff Competition

We're big bag geeks here at Kinoko. We're always looking for good looking and practical ways to carry our stuff because let's face it, riding or walking around with an uncomfortable load on your back is never ...